The Hope in Loving YOU

Episode 8: The Hope in Loving You | A Conversation with Denise Meggett || Released: 11~17~2020

Hello Hope Birthers!
And welcome to episode 8, season 1 finale, of The Birthing Hope Podcast!

Season 2 will begin January 6th, 2021. And I think today’s episode will give you some important things to consider as you close out this year and prepare for the next.

Have you ever felt incapable? Or looked in the mirror and not only disliked some physical attribute, but also felt a disdain for who you are inside?
Many of us understand what it’s like to experience bouts of personal loathing…times when we struggle to believe in our abilities and self-worth…times when we don’t like who we are. Sadly, there are women who are in this place constantly. They are stuck in desolate lives riddled with insecurity and thoughts of worthlessness.

Ladies, whether you’re in this place occasionally or all of the time, this is a fragmented existence, and we need to be whole.

So, how do we restore our wholeness?

We begin with Self-Love and Confidence.

My guest today is Denise Meggett. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Consultant. She is an author, speaker, blogger, and founder of Encouraging Words by Denise and Spectrum Wellness Co. where she encourages restoration of wholeness in the lives of women through physical wellness.

Having lost over 100 pounds after grappling with self-hate and insecurity, Denise’s personal transformation story is nothing short of amazing.

Please join us as we discuss “The Hope in Loving You!”

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