The Hope in Drawing Your Line

Episode 7: The Hope in Drawing Your Line | A Conversation with Dawn Koufakis-Basel || Released: November 4, 2020

It is no secret that the vast majority of women struggle with feeling overwhelmed, over-committed, overextended, overtired, overworked , over-obligated, over-available and overused.

I, for one, am over feeling over!

This lends the question: Why do women continuously struggle with this?

The answer: A lack of healthy boundaries.

My guest today is Dawn Koufakis-Basel. She is a life coach and founder of Precipice Life Coaching. She is a speaker and women’s empowerment coach. And she is also the author of  Drawing Your Line: Setting Boundaries Step by Step. Dawn regularly teaches a 2 part class for women entitled “Creating Boundaries 101,” so when it comes to setting parameters, Dawn is our go-to resource.

Ladies, get your pencils ready because Dawn is going to sharpen them as we discuss “The Hope in Drawing Your Line.”

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