Secrets in the Selah

Hope Birthers, there are Secrets in the Selah.

Again, there are Secrets in the Selah.

Allow me to give a little backstory before I explain.

After recording my conversation with LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, host of FIA Good Morning podcast and author of the new release “Draw Near,” I was stirred. For episode 2 of The Birthing Hope podcast, she and I discussed “An Intimate Hope” and the importance of drawing near to God. That conversation poked and prodded at some truths God began revealing to me late in 2018. That was 2 years ago.

Those truths were secrets…keys…privileged information about the mystery of the Selah.

You may be wondering, “What is the Selah?”

Selah is a word that appears in the Old Testament 74 times. 71 times in the book of Psalms and 3 in Habakkuk. And while there is no formal definition of the word, it is largely thought that its meaning suggests that the reader take a “pause.”

God began to show me those pauses…those spaces…those moments…the in-between.

As He began this grand reveal, I began to ask questions. Questions I know He placed in my spirit. I began to ask:

  • Who is God in the Selah?
  • Who is He in that quiet?
  • Who is He in the stillness?
  • And more importantly, what is He saying?

I began deeply reflecting on those moments and what God is instructing and impressing on the hearts of His children.

And that’s when The LORD pressed this book title on my heart…Secrets in the Selah. He began dictating such beautiful revelation. I even created the book’s cover.

When that word appears in scripture, it is mostly positioned at the end of a verse. A few times, it is positioned at the end of a chapter, as well as a handful of times appearing as a pause within a verse. It is a pause that ends a thought but beckons you to so much more. And how many of you know that endings are simply new beginnings?

The Selah is an invitation. An invitation to go deeper, higher and wider into the things of God.

The Selah is the doorstep to the secret place…the place of intimacy with God. It is the calm stream leading to the innermost secret garden. It is an invitation to take off your shoes, walk through the lush, verdant grasses, sit on the blanket next to The LORD and laze in His relaxing presence.

The Selah is a settled, spiritual silence–a time of deep reflection and introspection–that can happen even with noise and chaos all around.

It is a pregnant pause. The place where seeds of faith, wisdom and divine instruction are sown. The Selah is a fertile womb prepared to birth the next move of God.

The Selah is a time of drawing near.

The Word says when we draw near to God, He draws near to us (James 4:8). Deep relationship, trust and intimacy is cultivated and matured. And that intimacy is piercing. The Selah is provocative. It’s stimulating. It provokes and elicits a response. It’s electrifying and jolting. Tantalizing and stirring. It causes a tornadic whipping up of divinely directed emotion…a tsunami of revelation.

It’s no wonder people find it uncomfortable. That silence, that pause, that being still in the moment with God requires courage. Courage to explore the mysteries that are there. The Selah is filled with so much treasure, so much truth, so many downloads and revelations. And while it is scary, it’s worth it. We must simply surrender to the Selah. Surrender to that moment. Have faith and believe that God will take care of you as you pause with Him.

And the more you pause…the more you draw near…the more you Selah, the more you will understand what is being spoken there.

The lingering Voice of God is in the Selah.

And He is beckoning you. He is calling you to come and receive every bit of wisdom and knowledge He has for you.

He wants to tell you Secrets in the Selah.

Click on the player below to listen to last week’s podcast that inspired this blog post:

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