I Saw a Man

Recently, I stumbled upon a wonderful show on Apple TV entitled “Little Voice.”

I am a passionate encourager of voice. And with the upcoming release of my third book, Catching Fireflies, I’ve been soaking in the concept of voice. Needless to say, when I saw this title, I was intrigued.

I dove into the first episode and fell in love immediately.

It’s a beautiful story. With rich, vibrant, captivatingly complex characters. Hope is stitched in each line…it’s in the foreground and background of every shot and frame…it’s laced in between each song. Yes, song. The show adds a gorgeous musical element, as well.

And that musical component is the inspiration behind my poem, entitled “I Saw a Man.”

Let me explain.

“Little Voice,” its storyline and soundtrack, has inspired many. Among those have been musicians who are covering the songs featured on the show. This has resulted in Little Voice showcasing some of these musicians on Instagram in a special segment call “Little Voice Renditions.”

Recently, I came across one of the features. It was of a man. A classical pianist named Colin Huggins.

He played his rendition of the show’s theme song, also entitled “Little Voice.” I was already previously completely pulled in by the lyrics of that song. But his expression of it, drew me in further. And I grabbed my pen.

The following poem was the result.

May it encourage you to love and nurture your Little Voice.


I Saw a Man

I saw a man

positioned at his piano

so grand

he filled his atmosphere

there was no void

every fragment of space

freely used, no waste


His gestures and movements

finessed and stroked

and strummed and glided over the air around him

as if he were the sole member of a full orchestra,

playing each invisible instrument

with the movements of his body

and his love of sounds,

sounds that wafted through the area in which he reigned,

sounds so rich you could see and smell and taste


His body in perfect rhythm and harmony with the scales that encircled him,


He was a conductor.


a conductor of emotions,

grand emotions,

my emotions

and as his arms went up and down

and in and around,

as his fingers danced across the keys,

as each note floated visibly and tangibly,

and filled the music sheet that was the white space around him,

my heart sang.


I saw a man positioned at a piano

and my heart became a chanteuse


My heart sang each note

and swayed and danced

and began to play along

and I was inspired.

inspired to take up my own space,

inspired to spread up and out

and fill every bit of white space around me


I saw a man playing the piano

and I was inspired to share myself,

to share and express my eccentricities,

my unique differences,

my quirky weirdness,

to allow my one-of-a-kindness permission and space

to dance and sing

and laugh and love and create and love some more

to let every bit of goodness, every lesson, every tear

paint a mural in the air around me,

to write poetry with vivid words and imagery

that hang and glide on molecules in this little piece of the world that is mine


I saw a man creating life at his piano

and it made me want to live

I want to live so grand

in my little space

that imaginary instruments mount up with wings like butterflies

and play verbal and visual melodies so profound

passersby marvel at the sounds

that have quietly taken up residence in their hearts and minds

I want my little voice

to speak songs and sing words

that are precious and impactful

with lyrics sweet like fruit and strong like trees

so sweet and strong an entire grove

springs forth from my mouth

ripe, with complex syllables and pictures so real you can pick them

and taste and see that they are good

I want to live big and share big and love big

and I want to do it in my little corner,

my little area,

all with my little voice


I saw a man dreaming over his piano

in his dreams, we are all little voices

small chambers coming together

to form a grand orchestral masterpiece,

spiritual symphonies and anointed ensembles

playing and harmonizing together as one,

creating unity and respect,

friendship and kindness and understanding


I saw a man crafting at his piano

and my creative voice was stirred,

encouraged to come out from hiding

in all its tiny grandeur

invited to paint the walls and ceilings and floors

of my little slice of existence

with broad strokes and minute details

big words and small ones

complicated and simplified

poetry and prose

truth and fiction

to draw illustrations

with stories and tales of love and laughter

and pain and sadness


I saw a man coaxing a piano

the curve of his hands

as he gently persuaded each key to speak

gave my little voice permission

to whisper or yell or be quiet or bold

to explode or softly simmer

to express in my special way

even if my expression changes from day-to-day


I saw a man playing piano

He played with his whole body

in his whole space

with his whole self

and in doing so

he taught me that

even if our voices are little

it’s what they say that can be so big

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