Hope to do the heART Things

Episode 6: Hope to do the heART Things | A Conversation with Dana Klein || Released: 10~21~2020

The way we tell our stories has an impact on the condition of our hearts.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all storytellers. The way we speak, dress, eat, drink, live, work, and play. Even in the everyday mundane tasks. We all tell a story without even trying.

Our lives are works of art, and each new day is a blank canvas set before us. So we ought to be more intentional about the narratives and masterpieces we create. When done with intentionality, the way in which we share our voices and stories reveals the heart. It is beautiful. It is healing. And it is hard. But we can do hard things. We can do HEART things!

My guest today is Dana Klein. And she is no stranger to this heART work. As a master storyteller through pencil artistry and fine art portrait photography, I cannot think of a better person with whom to discuss the art of storytelling. Dana creates thought-provoking images that stir emotion and tell powerful stories of hope. Her unique approach to creative expression carries a depth and weight that will inspire you to make your own life a work of heART.

Please join us as we discuss “Hope to do the heART Things.”

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