Hope for the Body

Creating a hope-filled body is all about taking care of our temples! We need our bodies. They act as the vessels that carry our minds and spirits. Without a hope-filled, fully functioning body, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we were placed on this earth to do.

Making time for healthy eating, exercise and rest is key. But remember, creating space for hope in our bodies begins with the proper mindset. We must be honest about what our bodies need, create an environment for healing to begin and let hope burst forth!

Throughout the pages of this site, we will share hope-filled tips on lifestyle changes, skincare, wellness, the stress and body connection, exercise, sleep, foods and recipes, makeup, fashion, and more.

We will share our guilty pleasures, our favorite lip gloss, and our love of coffee, cookies and all things sugary. But we will also talk about the hard stuff. We’ll discuss dieting, food addictions, unhealthy habits, body shaming and comparison. We will dig way down because that’s where real change takes place. When that change happens, the roots of Hope will burrow deeply and before long we will be trees of life, bearing delicious fruits bursting with Hope

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As you are caring for your body, remember to…

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