Fighting for Hope in the Midst of Hurt

Episode 5: Fighting for Hope in the Midst of Hurt | A Conversation with LeRoyesha Tyler-Foster || Released: 10~7~2020

Welcome to episode 5 of The Birthing Hope Podcast!

Life can pack a powerful and painful punch. And my guest today is no stranger to those blows and the deep hurt than accompanies them.

LeRoyesha Tyler-Foster is a resilient woman who has built an impressive career as a master hair stylist, cosmetology instructor and mentor, and owner of Salon Lavish, located in North Charleston, SC. And she has done so all while overcoming grief, pain, poverty, and depression.

As a mother of 4, LeRoyesha experienced the greatest blow of all…the loss of her son to suicide.

LeRoyesha, known as “The Fearless Fighter,” now uses her experiences with hurt, heartbreak, and pain as a powerful speaking platform to advocate for suicide prevention and awareness as well as equip women to Fight 2 Win in midst of hurt and debilitating pain.

Please join us as we discuss “Fighting for Hope in the Midst of Hurt.”

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