A Seed of Hope Births a Tree of Life

There have been so many times in my life when all I had to hold on to was one single seed of hope. Truth be told, that’s all it takes. You only need one single seed to remind you that possibility dwells in the midst of chaos.

Sunrises like the one in the picture above illustrate this sentiment perfectly.

Some look at sunrises like this one and casually think, “Oh, that’s beautiful.” And while it most certainly is both beautiful and magnificent, I see deeper meaning in its majestic hues.

When I see sunrises like this, I see strong reds and powerful blues battling for center stage. I see colors of peace and colors of disruption. Angry reds of war facing off against serene blues of tranquility.

This type of morning scene leaves me longing for lavender skies. The skies that represent the perfect merging and coming together of the reds and blues. Lavender skies…the result of each dynamic presence blending in harmony.

But even in the battle, they create and paint a wonder that is awesome to behold. When you can see wonder and awesomeness in the battle, that’s the Seed of Hope.

This is true for our everyday issues and battles of life. When the sun rises and its rays illuminate that one thing–that one glimmer,that one seed of hope–hold on to it!

That one seed in the situation is the silver lining. It’s that golden nugget from which unshakable faith can be built!

That one seed may be a single positive thought. One change in your speech. One decision to respond or behave differently. Whatever your one seed is, embed it in your spirit. Plant it deeply in your heart and mind. Do not dig it up no matter how bleak your circumstances. Surround yourself with reminders of it. Declare it. Pray over it. Water that seed. Take actionable steps toward the desired outcome.

Take comfort in this…all it takes is one acorn to become a mighty oak. Before long, your seed of hope will sprout. It will become a tree of life.

No matter what you may be battling, remember to…


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